Paso Robles 4Gs Plumbing Announces The Top Water Saving Appliances

–Everyone knows to save water by turning off faucets, fixing leaks, taking short showers, putting timers on landscape watering, and installing low-flow toilets. Technological improvements to some every-day appliances also contribute to saving water and the Paso Robles plumber from 4Gs Plumbing has a list of features to look for when buying these appliances. Water…
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Paso Robles Plumber Helps Homeowners Avoid Big Problems From Small Leaks

–That slow drip from the kitchen faucet, a small leak under the bathroom sink, cracked grout around the bathtub can all add up to big expensive problems. “Thinking ‘I’ll fix it later’ doesn’t work,” said Paso Robles plumber Brad Gilkey from 4Gs Plumbing, “because everyone forgets and later never comes.” “The safest and least expensive…
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