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water conservation tipAs you probably know, California is currently in the clutches of a historic drought. California Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order in April, requiring a 25-percent in urban water usage statewide. Across the state, Californians are attempting to save water in any way that they can. Lawns are being torn up, washing you car is outlawed, and watering is restricted to two days a week county-wide.

Some Californians are counting on El Nino filling the reservoirs and water tables back up, but data is conflicting; El Nino may be record breaking this winter, or is could also pass us by entirely. One thing is clear though: that California is prone to droughts, and residents of the golden state should be wise about their water use, drought or not.

Here at Paso Robles plumbing company 4G’s Plumbing, we care about water reduction, and we wanted to share some tips on how you can reduce your water usage:

1) Recycle your grey water

The average American uses a staggering 400 gallons of water in a day. If your shower takes a minute or two to heat up, you could be letting gallons of valuable water go down the drain. Use a bucket to collect the cold water, and then re-use it.

If you really want to get serious about your home’s conservation, you can install a home water recycling system into your household plumbing. Systems such as these collect shower, sink and washer water, filter it, and then send it to an irrigation system or to the toilet.

2) Fix that leaky faucet

Another great way to make sure your home is water efficient is to fix any leaks. Even though it may not seem like a lot, those drips add up over time. Call your friendly Paso Robles plumbers at 4G’s Plumbing to assist in fixing any leak, big or small.

3) Install water-saving appliances

Water-saving showerheads can save hundreds of gallons of water over time. Typical showerheads flow at five gallons per minute. Low flow ones flow at half that amount. Another water saving apparatus is a low-flow faucet aerator, which can bring the flow of your faucet from 3 gallons per minute down to 1.5. For your toilet, you may want to consider replacing it for a low-flow model, or for a clever trick, try putting a large water bottle filled with water in the holding tank in the back of the toilet to reduce the amount of water that is used per flush.

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